Refractive surgery

Chirurgia RefrattivaExcimer laser (link) refractive surgery corrects refractive errors. Currently it is possible to correct myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism and, at least in part, presbyopia The aim of refractive surgery is to increase uncorrected visual acuity, to eliminate or reduce the use of spectacles or contact lenses in order to improve the patient’s quality of life. Not everyone can undergo refractive surgery since some diseases (i.e. keratoconus) cannot be treated with refrective surgery. A careful pre-operatory examination will establish if the eye can be submitted to refractive surgery and to which specific technique. (link). Before surgery The withdrawal of contact lens use before the pre-surgery examination is of fundamental importance: 20 days suspension for soft contact lenses 30 days suspension for rigid and gas-permeable contact lenses. The suspension is fundamental because contact lenses alter the geometry of the cornea. Thus, it is necessary for the cornea to re-acquire its geometry before performing instrumental evaluations and pre-surgery examination.